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Hi, I’m Graciela, but you can call me Gracie.

I’m so glad you are here! Without exception, my clients become my friends. I love them.  I love people who trust me so much as to let me into their lives to photograph them and their families.   

Portrait photography is a very intimate genre, I think, because it requires your allowing me into your personal space and I am truly honored every single time I get the invitation to be a part of someone’s life and the creation of  beyond life-long memories. 

Whether its photographing you, your family or your babies, I can guarantee one thing – we will have FUN because I love to LAUGH!

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I invest of myself in all my work. I freely carry this badge of honor as it allows  me to be a superlative where it counts – in the service of others.  There is nothing more important than one’s word and nothing so fragile as trust. Both are paramount to my services. It’s not just about making you feel like a million bucks or capturing great pictures, it’s about being of service to you, my new friend.

 My Photography


As a woman with an open mind and an open heart with a life-long passion for photography, art and the quiet moments of life, I love getting that perfect shot, conveying that emotion you try and hide, and bringing out the best in you and your family.  As a mom to seven-year old twins and step-mom to adult children and one gorgeous grandchild, I understand that sometimes that can be a challenge! I have an enormous amount of patience and I am a pro at breaking that oh-so-awkward ice that people can feel when having their photograph taken. I promise that we will have a fun day and that the photos will not just document a particular moment, but will bring back fun memories. 

My photography will be a revelation to you – you will see yourself and your family in ways you didn’t realize were possible or that your simply forgot existed!  In a family shoot, you will see that your family is wonderful, no matter how crazy you think they are.  In an engagement shoot, you will see that you are loved more than you know. In a boudoir shoot, that your strength, confidence and beauty are the powerful forces that drive you underneath that career-woman, soccer-mom exterior. 

Your every day life is magic  – put it all together and that is your story – the legacy you leave behind. Make sure your story says that you are joyful, beautiful inside and out, and that there is only one YOU – and have the photographs to prove it. 


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Plum Blossom Photography by Graciela Valdes

Telephone: (305)310-8882

E-mail: info@plumblossomphotography.com

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, serving clients nationwide

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